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Advisory Services

Based in Athens

We tick the boxes only when value is delivered to our customers

Most of the issues facing our customers have a fairly high degree of complexity.

We possess the knowledge and ability to identify and reduce complexity and deliver solutions which are affordable, feasible and simple.





new ideas



value of opportunities

capacity of resources


complexity & disturbing noise


set of solutions on the basis of priorities and materiality


Minos Moissis

Founding Partner

Insurance and Banking

Possesses a long track record in technical and leadership C-suite positions in Insurance & Banking. A qualified actuary, former CEO of Ethniki Insurance Co. and Interamerican Group, ExCo member and General Manager of Retail Banking at NBG Group and Emporiki Bank (Credit Agricole Group). Holds a wide portfolio of NED positions in multiple companies across diverse sectors. Core skills include strategic advisory and mentoring, research and development of innovative ideas in Financial Services, NPLs transactions and M&As. Enjoys advising start-ups. Former President of the Association of Insurance Companies and ExCo member of the Hellenic Bank Association. Holds degrees in Actuarial Science from Heriot Watt University, Edinburgh, and Mathematics from the University of Athens. Trained at INSEAD as an Executive Coach on how to assist teams and individuals to explore their potential.

Panos Psomas

Founding Partner

Finance, Advisory, Distressed Asset Investments

Extensive experience in banking, advisory and FinTechs.  In depth knowledge of the Greek NPL market, the regulatory & legal framework and the servicing industry. He held several senior positions in Emporiki Bank (Group Credit Agricole): acting Financial Controller, Business & Operations Manager, MIS & Financial Analysis Manager. He led the Bank’s Revenue Improvement Committee, was a strategic advisor for FinTechs, and a supervising advisor for KPMG. Holds MSc from Aston Business School and BSc from Athens University of Economic and Business. Prior to Synergon Partners, was the founding partner of VP Synthesis Capital Partners.


Corporate Strategy

SME & Corporate Restructuring

Distressed Investments & NPL Portfolio Servicing


Ventures & Capital

Special Projects


We conceive our business being value creation and we developed


a proprietary core method, to deliver


We give customers time in order to evaluate what is the exact situation facing them. We listen to them carefully to acquire clear picture of their challenges, objectives, strategies and aspirations


We conduct extensive research and collect precious information and data both internally and externally. We capitalize on our experience and extensive library of relevant projects


We analyse and assess a portfolio of alternatives, go beyond the usual, filter with stakeholders, benchmark against best practices


Our proposals are well documented, feasible and appropriate to address urgency as well as fit in a structured plan ahead


We complete our work by being active in implementation and we engage to review and adapt

We possess a long and wide experience on the ground and across a variety of fields and functions. We can engage in challenging, complex and multi-faceted projects and have the ability to combine a 360° view with full understanding and processing of all details. This is how we believe optimum value is created.

For each project we would pick the most appropriate mix of own resources and expertise offered by partners within the network of professionals we work with. Such approach increases our flexibility and assigns quality resources, a blend we deem cornerstone to best serving the interests of our customers.

We remain actively engaged in every single step of the way, in full control of the process and with full trust in the partners we choose to work with.

We have developed four engagement models for our customers. These models can work either as stand alone or complementary to each other.

Flag on the ground

We work as our customer’s eyes and ears, informing them on developments of interest and examining relevant projects and new business opportunities on their behalf.

Red Team

While working with our customers, we are well positioned to play the role of devil’s advocate, by challenging strategies, preconceived notions, established models and assumptions, in order to present and develop alternative scenarios that respond to their business aspirations and changing conditions.


Upon an agreed action plan we take the lead in the execution process, fronting the effort towards a successful outcome in full alignment with the customer.


After analyzing every aspect of a new project, we propose what we believe to be the optimum course of action, we deliver a fully comprehensive action plan, and we sit right next to our customers on the execution table and do not get up until the job is done.


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